Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mama..Are you my sister?

Sometimes, children amaze me!! Today while doing some innocent household chores Meg walks in and ask "Mama, is Jesus my brother?"

"Of course he is honey, when you asked God and Jesus into your heart then Jesus became your brother forever in God's eyes." I said.

She then came back with "Well then is Mary my mother, and are you my sister?"

After breifly explaining that yes in God's eyes Mary and I are her sisters, but on Earth she better respect me because I am her mother. It amazes me that even though we have never specifically talked about this, she still picks up on it. My little child, who I am sad to admit has not been to church but once in the last month has some how put this all together on her own. I love that in our house we can have brief loving conversations about God, Jesus, and yes brothers and sisters. I hope we can continue to have this relationship, even through those teenage years I dread so much.

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