Saturday, August 1, 2009

Summer - What Summer??

While deciding what to do this fine summer day, I accidentally started a debate with the kids. I think it's a wonderful idea to stay home, wash clothes, and get some housework done. They however think everyday should be field with a mighty adventure (which I might add does not include Wal-mart and school supply shopping). And right in the middle of the debate it happened. Meg said "I haven't even had a summer yet, just house cleaning and your errands." To avoid an argument, I just didn't reply and pulled the mom card "I'm the mom and we are now staying home!!" But when I think about it, I guess we both just define "Summer" differently. To me summer is a time to sleep late, go to the pool, and just relax. Which if you know us and the summer we have had, then Meg's right we haven't had a summer. To the kids summer is probably a weekly adventure to a water park, zoo, or museum. I don't think either of us is wrong, it's just with everything going on this summer we really haven't had either versions of summer. And now there is only 3 week left to cram everything in. Which is scary, because it's gonna take 3 weeks to get this house in order :}.

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