Monday, March 1, 2010

Nothing Much To Say

Well I don't' have much to say tonight,and I'm trying to get back in the habit of the blog thing. So I have decided I would just share some of my cute pics from the last couple months:

Meghan enjoying the snow 12/2009. If you look are all her "grown" up teeth coming in you will understand why we call her "Snags." She loves her nickname and so do we!!!

Tracer, I just love this pic of my little man! I just love how he is glowing here. It is just soo him, dirty face, camo and just pure boy and I really wouldn't have him any other way!!

Meeting the "Real" Santa Clause..This was one of my most favorite Christmas memories from this year. Meg is at that age where she is beginning to have her doubts. Going to her friends party where the he showed up, with presents, stories, and even sleigh bells was absolutely Magical. I Love that I got to watch that innocence be restored in her little eyes, and that hope fill her little heart. It was amazing!!

Trace's 1st school program. He was sooo excited to be singing Christmas songs with his School friends! I am so proud of this little man!! We truly enjoyed this performance and hopefully tons in the future :)

As a family we love to go to Del Rio every year. This was one of the last afternoons there, and we saw the most amazing sunsets while riding around the ranch with the kids. We just love to go and let the kids enjoy themselves there. They love to ride in the mules and jeeps, feed the animals, visit with Mr Raul, and just explore. It's amazing and def fun!!

These are just a few more of my favorite Del Rio Pics:

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