Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring "Break" ???

Today is Wednesday of Spring Break and we haven't really done anything, but try to clean house and get things organized ;(. We had things planned, they have just kind of all fell threw. It's sad, I know this is the only break we will all get for a while. Hopefully the kids will look back on this and just remember that they got to be kids. The got to run and play, go to the Lake with Nanda and Papa and play in the dirt. Run outside and chase butterflies. I hope that when they look back they see that this Spring Break is exactly what we wanted it to be a "Break" from our usual running the roads.
**We are going Friday to the movies with some friends..They are super excited to go watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid and going to eat with a car load of kids. Which will be tons of fun ;)
These pictures are from Meg's 1st Spring Break in Kindergarten. She was 5 and Trace was 3. She had every day of that week planned out and loved every minute of it. These pics were taken at the Museum of Natural Science and at the Butterfly Exhibit. Tons of fun, but very busy! LOL

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