Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Road Trip and New Dreams

2010 8U Ball Hawgz

Sunday we took Meg's team the Ball Hawgz to watch an Aggies Softball game. It was AMAZING!! Eight of the 10 players got to go. Ronald and I planned the trip with the hopes that girls would really enjoy the game and have fun. But we really got a lot more from it than we ever expected ;). First off, the girls had no idea they were going, they thought we were playing a Sunday tournament. We all showed up at our meeting spot to break the news. Six out of the 7 there were very excited to go, that left Meg who was upset about not playing, LOL. She just couldn't believe we weren't playing a game but soon got over it when we turned into the A & M campus. They were in awe at everything!!! Watching the Aggie players warming up, doing batting drills, and the entire game. They learned some new cheers and just really got to watch an awesome game. The Aggies fell a little short on the score board Sunday, but in our little girl's hearts they scored big.

Meg & Trace getting an Autograph

After the game, we waited outside of the clubhouse and got all there autographs. The Aggie Softball team was amazing!! They just lost, got a serious talking too from their coach, but when they walked out those doors they were all smiles for our girls. The signed balls and posters for each of our girls. They talked to them and encouraged them. It was awesome and still gives me chill bumps to just think about it.

Meg and Bailey

This little road trip we took our girls on opened there eyes to soo many things. On the way home Shelby, one of the players that went with us. Asked "Do you think I could be an Aggie one day?" "Of course You CAN!!" is what Ron and I both said to her. We went with the hopes that the girls would just have a fun day watching a game they all love. But I think we came home with some girls having new bigger dreams ;)

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