Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Yesterday was your big 6th birthday!! I am soo excited you are 6 and getting bigger. I love that you still like to sleep in the bed with me and dad, and you are still our baby boy. However, you are starting to grow up in so many ways. There is no more crying to go to school, this year you didn't want to Trick or Treat nor a Birthday Party. This year you have just wanted to go hunting with your daddy and the men. I have known for a while now that this time was coming, but I didn't realize it would this soon. Next week you will go on your 1st big "Men" hunt. You are soooo excited, Daddy is excited, Meg is ready to go shopping, Me I'm kinda sad. I love having you here with me while everyone is gone. I like snuggling in the bed, and just being "Us". But I'm really excited you are turning into a wonderful young man!! I'm so proud of who you are going to become!!!

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