Sunday, December 26, 2010

Flu @ Christmas isn't so sad afterall ;)

Ok, so we had the Flu at Christmas. Usually we are rushing around so fast that we really don't get to enjoy any of it. The kids are usually rushed from one family event to the next, with no time in between enjoy each other or their presents (LOL). But this year we were shut-ins. Trace was diagnosed Friday, Dec 24 with the Flu. So we stayed at home, I dropped him off and ran to grab groceries. We usually would have went to the Shirley's (my in-laws) for the evening, then home for the night to get a quick nap. Santa would come Christmas morning then our presents and packing, then we are on the road for 8 1/2 hours headed toward the Ranch.

This year we got to hang out at the house and be a family. The kids have had 2 good days with their loot. Ron has gotten to learn a few house chores, while I have laid in bed and caught up on some much needed sleep. We still haven't had "Christmas Dinner," that is coming tomorrow. But most of the toys are put away and everything has been played with. Hopefully if I keep improving and the Meg nor Ron comes down with it, we will be Ranch Bound by the end of the week. I love our traditions, but sometimes it seems like we just rush through everything and don't really get to enjoy it. Hopefully, with this little kink in our plans this year, maybe next year we can create our own traditions. Who knows??

My only real bummer is I got no pics of anything, I was feeling too awful to get the camera, but I did get to truly enjoy watching the kids. Sometimes, I think I get so caught up in all the picture taking and tradition following that we forget to just sit back, breath, and take in the moment.

Ron and Trace at his Kindergarten Christmas Party (Thanks Shaunna for sharing ;)

I will post more of Meg..when I am up to finding my camera LOL

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