Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Traditions

Ok, so I have already mentioned we had the flu at Christmas, and how it was actually not that bad. But I haven't had a chance to tell about our amazing trip to The Ranch. Usually we get to go with Ron's family. It is always fun! My kids LOVE everything Del Rio has to offer!! We love staying in the old house, walking around the rocks, riding in the jeeps, feeding the animals with Mr Raul, eating something delicious every night!!!, and just being away from our busy crazy lives. But this year it was the funnest!! Since we missed the family trip (they leave on Christmas day and we were sick) we got to go out with some family friends, The Rouses. It was a blast!! The kids (especially Meg) has soo much fun just being kids. We road around in jeeps everyday exploring the Ranch. I took Trace and at least one of the Rouse girls "Dove Hunting" every afternoon. We slept LATE everyday. Meghan got a video camera and they taped themselves "remaking" The Wizard of Oz (I will post the videos later when I figure out how, LOL). We saw tons of deer and who knows how many miles of Del Rio scenery. We truly had an amazing time. Anyway, starting some new traditions turned out to be a total hit and hopefully next year we will be able to go back with Rouses again!! not to mention Ron and Shane already have some fun trips planned for us this summer..camping,and at least one trip to The Bay (my kids LOVE LOVE the Bay House).

Just of few of my fav pics from our trip:

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