Sunday, January 30, 2011

Team Mom Fabulousness!!

Ok, it's no secret my kids love sports!! I love to watch them, and love to be their "Team Mom." So with all the sports we have going on, I decided to share some of my FABULOUSNESS!!

Our 1st weekend of Xcel volleyball was super exciting. We had no expectations and had a wonderful time. It was really a great day! But our girls got thirsty and they didn't have a way to tell where there drinks were. They all got mixed up, and we didn't' know ours from the other teams (some of the girls aren't as wonderful and they didn't pick up their mess, like we do). Anyway, to solve this "problem" I made the girls Koozies! Check them out, they match there uniforms and were the hit of the gym. None of them are perfect, but the girls were proud and loved them anyway ;)

How to make them:
*You need a koozie (Walmart has some, but usually not enough, I got mine at Dollar General for $1 each)
*Fabulous Material :) I made 10 with less than 1 yard
*Wonder Under (I'm sure it has a different name now, but I still call it Wonder Under, LOL)
*1 - 2 types of trim

Basic Materials you prob already have:
Iron & Ironing board
Glue Gun
Scissors & yard stick or measuring tape

1. Wash and dry material. Following "Wonder Under" directions and attach it to the material. Let the material cool completely (2-5 minutes) before moving to next step.
2. Measure and cut the material to fit around the koozie. Mine were 4 inches high. So I cut my strips 4 in by 12 inches.
3. Iron, yes I said Iron it to the Koozie ;). I know this is weird, but it was super quick and easy. I just tilted the iron, and put my hand in the koozie and worked the material around it.
4. Now is the fabulous part. Attach your trim. I used hot pink feather boas and black sequins. Use the glue gun and have fun!!

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