Thursday, January 27, 2011

We are sooo Blessed!!!

Ok, so I know we are totally blessed!! My family wakes up every morning in cozy beds (most of the time mine, LOL), we have clothes to wear, food to eat, more LOVE than you can imagine and an Amazing God that is always GOOD. I list these things because today my sweet heartbroken daughter came to me upset. One of her New Friends at school has been talking to her lots and telling her about her life. This little girl, just moved here after Christmas, she has only been here for 3 weeks. She is already moving, because "Her mom can't afford her." So she is moving to Anahuac, then Alaska with her Dad. She has also told Meg how she doesn't have food at night to eat. My sweet Meggie is just upset and totally doesn't understand and why would she, they are only 8. She is so upset her new little friend is moving, but more importantly she is upset because she doesn't understand. We are soo lucky we can talk openly about life with our kids, and the power of prayer. Meg asked if she can give her friend a good by gift, we said yes of course. She packed her a gift bag with books, bows and a picture of herself. I made sure she wrote down our phone numbers for the little girl. Ron coached Meg in how to pray with her tomorrow at school, before she leaves. I know tomorrow will be a hard day at school for Meggie, saying good bye is never easy. But hopefully this little girl will feel loved, even if it is by friend she might never get to see again. I hope she is as touched by Meg's love as Meg is by hers.

I know this isn't a recent picture of her...but I just wish she could stay this young and innocent forever!! I pray that her heart is always open and ready to Love big!!

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