Monday, January 31, 2011

Studing Spelling Words ;)

Ok, I'm sure my house is like yours: WE HATE homework!! LoL, please do not tell any of my kids teachers. But we do, and what is really sad about that is: I used to be a teacher!! I do understand and appreciate that we have it, but I really don't like it!! Anyway, as you have seen in some of my recent post I am going to start sharing some of the crazy things we do around our house (ex: throwing Koozies together in 1 night, spending an afternoon with a sick kid making 100 day Mats, etc..). One of the fun things we do is Study Spelling words. I know right, how is that fun, we here at the Shirley house we make it fun!! We do a different "Out of the Box" way to study them every night.

Tonight we "Powder Sugared" our words. I take a cake pan, we used circle, you can use what ever size or shape you have. I do recommend one with higher sides, you don't want the powdered sugar to get everywhere. Sprinkle in some Powered Sugar and let the kids write the words in them. I call the words out 1 at a time, the kids have to say the letter as they are writing it. When they are finished if the word is spelled correctly then they get to lick their finger ;). Give the pan a shake and start on the next word. This also works well with flour, shaving cream, or foamy soap. My kids love the powered sugar, and they love spelling their words correctly LOL.

Other things we do:
*magnetic letters - on the fridge, or a cookie sheet.
*markers/special paper - who knew markers were so fun to study with, LOL.
*Shower Doors/foggy mirrors - the only way to take a shower and study at the same time ;), this also helps with congestion too LOL.
*Loose letters - if you have a cricut, or you can buy Poster Letters ($2-4 @ Walmart or Dollar General) they love to rearrange the letters to make their words
*Dry Erase Board or Chalk Board - you can buy a small on at WalMart super fun ;)
**And the list can go on and on. The key is just to not get stuck in the same old boring homework routine. Make it fun! and surprisingly the kids will love it, and learn it!! Feel free to add more in my comments, I will as I think of more to add ;)

Snagz concentrating on spelling her "big words."

Tracer getting through the list.

Trace got one right :)

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