Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun times with Fun Famiies

Well this weekend was all about hunting!! It's amazing, I really don't like to go "hunting" I just like to ride around and take pictures, but none the less I had a blast. We went to our Lodge in on the River Bottoms with 4 other families, the Lamberth's, Hollingsworth's, Boody's, and My Brother In Law Rob and niece Bekah. There were 9 kids and they had a blast!! Everyone, got along soooo well and just played and goofed off. We started the afternoon on Friday (I checked my kids out early shhh), then headed down. Trace was sooo excited, and Meg was a little, even though she had to miss a birthday party. We unloaded the cars and groceries and hopped on mules and left. The kids were all smiles the entire time!! Such a blessed weekend! Saturday night the kids played until they just couldn't anymore and the "grown ups" sat around and told stories from our younger years. We all laughed soo much and just had a great time!! Sunday was bitter sweet, we all packed up and went our separate ways. Well not really, we saw the Lamberth's a few minutes later at Church ;), and everyone else we got to meet up with at the Baseball fields. We are soo lucky to have such amazingly fun people around us!! I'm blessed!!

Snagz, I just love to look at those eyes!! I just wonder what she was thinking ;)

Ron = the big Bow Hunter!! (BTW he was showing off, and missed ha!! ;)

Trace and his "Did I get it" moment. I love the expression on his face ;)

All in all they killed 14 hogs. We will all be eating pork for a while now ;)

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