Monday, January 31, 2011

100 th Day of School

Today Tracer's Primary school is celebrating the 100th Day of School. How exciting, it is to be in school 100 days!! I miss teaching and getting to count to 100 at least 1,000 times today. He is sooo excited. In his backpack today is: 100 pennies for class activities, 100 Fishin Worms as his 100 Collection, A 100 Piece Puzzle as a surprise for the class to work on today, and a box of Cracker for 100 Day Snack. I'm not sure about this year but in years past the school has had a drawing for prizes every 100 minutes, with at least 100 kids winning things. When I was teaching we would measure 100 steps, write 100 words, see what we could color in 100 seconds. We would do everything 100!! Such a fun unexpected day!! I love and miss it!! I pray his class has a very blessed Fun 100th day of school!!

Last week while Trace was home with a stomach bug, we made his class 100 mats, to help sort all the things they will count today. He LOVED helping me make them, and was a very proud boy to take them to his teacher.

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