Monday, February 7, 2011

Schedules - WHAT???

Ok, so as I have recently fallen in love with "Blogging" or as we would say in East Texas 'Bloggin' LOL. I have found several different ideas on how to do this. One is to have a schedule of topics: Make-it Mondays, Wordless Wednesdays, Throwback Thrusdays, etc... Ok, I'm not sure how it's gonna work, but I'm going to work on a schedule and try to stick to it ;)

Here is what I have so far:
Mondays - Make-it Mondays - either I will show how to make a craft, or I will cheat and make something off of another blog (see previous post LOL)
Tuesday - ??? Leave a comment of suggestions
Wednesday - Wordless Wednesdays - pictures that I love!! Captions aren't even necessary.
Thursday - Not sure what I want to do here yet - I know Throwback Thursday is always an option, and I just might use it ;)
Friday - Familiy Fridays - I plan on telling a little about my family unit, either stories for my kids to be albe to read or just something fun we are doing.
Saturday - ???
Sunday - ???

Ok, I'm not making any promises that I will completely stick to this schedule, but I will try. Hope you enjoy!! Salina

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  1. Hey girl! Thanks for linking up! I love your schedule and can't wait to see what works for you. I've tried several things and have decided to just post when I can! Def takes the pressure off! lol :) And watch out, blogging is addicting! But oh soooo fun!