Thursday, February 3, 2011

What we are Reading

Ok, well since I'm all about sharing these days. These are the books we will be reading while we are "Snowed In" tomorrow.

Trace - Little Jake
These are super cool books for little boys (I guess girls could like them too). Trace LOVES them and has the entire collection. He can't go to sleep without reading at least one Little Jake Book every night. My friend Deana G. told me about them, and we have been hooked ever since. Hope they write some more before next Christmas. Now they are not only our favorite book, but also our favorite Birthday gift to fellow hunting boys ;) They are books about a little boy (Little Jake) who hunts. He does it in very safe, law abiding, and adventurous way.

Meghan - Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls or Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo Series

Meg is def her mother's child. She LOVES to read, I am soo blessed. She got both of these series for Christmas, it's like 30 something books in all. She loves to pack them for tournament days or hunting trips. She will def get some good reading in tomorrow ;) These are both series for young female readers. They are really upbeat and tell about all the drama young ladies face these days (boys, pets, moving, friends, brothers, parents, etc...). Meg Loves them, and therefore so do I!!

Ronald - Raising Dad
So, I really don't know what Ron will be reading tomorrow, he usually reads his Bible around here while studing for his lessons. He does most of his reading while trying to sleep at the Lodge, LOL. But he did get this book for Chirstmas ;)

Me - Elizabeth Noble's Things I Want My Daughters to Know
Ok, first let me say I got a Nook for Christmas, I have books downloaded on it. But I just can not make myself read from it. I know it's weird, I'm sure it's an amazing gadget. I'm just a creature of habit. I plan on reading all the books I have in real book form, then starting to read books on the Nook. Or that's the plan anyway. I just started Things I Want My Daughters to Know, and so far it is really good, kinda sad but really good. I will give a full review (not many people know this, actually no one does, but I really would love to write book/movie reviews. There just isn't really a market for that here in Tarkington Texas. LOL)


  1. SALINA! We should start a Book Club for Tarkington Mommas :) It would be an awesome excuse to get together once a month and talk about the book we all read!

  2. Sam, Let's Do it!! I'm sure one of the Libraries (or maybe even Pueblo, LOL) would let us meet there :). Sounds great and FUN!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your book list! I'm going to have to get the little Jake books for Logan!